Edgar and Maribel

Where to Propose in Aliso Beach

How We Met

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Edgar and Maribel's Engagement in Aliso Beach

How They Asked

I will never forget the sunny afternoon of October 03, 2019 at Aliso Beach. The water was a hue of blue that I had never seen. As the waves crashed the shore, they almost reached our toes. The breeze was crisp and the smell of sea salt hit our nose.

Edgar asked me to play catch with him and handed me a glove. On that last throw, I looked up in the air and made eye contact with what I expected to be a baseball. In my hands landed a little black velvet ring box. My heart stopped!

In a matter of seconds, he walked up to me, got on one knee, and asked, “Are you ready to start our life together?” I was shaking and speechless as he put on the ring. He told me he received my parents’ blessing prior to proposing, which meant the world to me.

We popped champagne to a lifetime of happiness together as we watched the sunset. We followed that by rooftop cocktails and dinner overseeing the ocean. It was one of the best days of my life! I can’t wait to be his wife.

Why Dodger Stadium?

Edgar asked me to be his girlfriend at Dodger Stadium after a Friday Night Fireworks game. It was just appropriate to recreate our proposal where it all began; after all, he did propose playing ball.

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