Edgar and Bree

How We Met

We met in college.

How They Asked

Every year for thanksgiving her family and I head to Lido beach to watch the sunset, before dinner. This year I wanted it to be a little more special ;). I had planned with both sides of the family to surprise Bree and ask her to spend the rest of OUR lives together.

About 30min before leaving the house to head to the beach, The Guys came up with a plan to leave a little early to grab a cocktail and reserve spots at the beach. Luckily the girls agreed this one time.

At the beach, my side of the family (also our dog Abbey) was already on site preparing the location. Bree had no idea everyone was on Lido beach and staying at the hotel already.

Bree arrived at the beach with her sister and mom. They escorted Bree down the walkway to the beach where I was waiting. And the rest was a dream come true. Bree, I love you so so so much and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.