Eden and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met in November 2014 in college. We both went to school in Waltham, MA – I was a junior at Brandeis University and he was a senior at Bentley University. My sorority had a social with his fraternity, and because the schools were across town, they had some of the guys sober drive for the evening to make sure the girls got to and from the party safely. Such gentlemen!

I remember it was a cold New England November evening. There weren’t enough spots for all of the girls to get in the first round of rides, and I, being the social butterfly that I am, chose not to get in the first round. I approached one of the guys, who ended up being Ryan, to ask for his number – I had wanted to wait inside to avoid the cold until they came back around to pick us up. We exchanged numbers and realized that we were both from CT. I remember thinking that he had a cute smile and the sweetest dimples.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Parking Lot at Brandeis University

When the guys came back around, I jumped at the opportunity to get a ride to the party from Ryan. When I got in his car, he had the country music radio station, 101.7 The Bull, playing. We immediately started talking about our love for country music, and the awesome summer concerts back home in Connecticut at the Xfinity Center in Hartford. After arriving at the event, we went our separate ways, but all I could think about was that cute boy and his cute dimples!

During the evening, we eventually reconnected for some more great conversation. Ryan drove me home and asked me out for the following Saturday night. The rest is, as they say, history.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Parking Lot at Brandeis University

How They Asked

Ryan and I were planning a week-long vacation to fly to Arizona and then drive ~800 miles to the Grand Canyon, through Utah, and into Nevada. Since Ryan sold his car from college, he told me that one night he would like to rent a car and “practice driving” for our trip. The Saturday before our trip, he told me he’d pick me up and we’d “figure out somewhere to go” so he could “practice driving”.

I, just like the first night we met, stood outside, unsure of what car would pick me up or what the night would entail. Ryan pulled up in a sporty black Mercedes-Benz, windows down, music playing and played it off that he had no real plans for the night, except that we would go for a drive and then get some dinner.

We ended up driving all the way back to Waltham, through the center of town where we both went to school and fell in love. We arrived at one of our favorite restaurants and had a lovely dinner chatting about our upcoming vacation and our past week at work. After dinner, Ryan and his sweet tooth recommended going just a mile down the road to get some ice cream. Once we left the ice cream parlor, Ryan took control of the music and switched it to a custom playlist.

As we drove back through Waltham, each song playing on his playlist was featuring songs we used to listen to during our many dates over the past 4 and a half years. As he approached one of the final lights on Main Street in Waltham, he looked over at me smiling and took a sharp left turn onto South Street. I knew at that moment that there was only one place we could be going to…. and that was the Parking Lot at Brandeis.

He pulled into the Brandeis Administration Parking Lot that we first met, backed into a spot so the headlights would aluminate the small lot, turned up the music so we could hear it outside of the car, and opened the door for me to get out of the car. As we stood in the middle of the lot with the headlights shining onto us, Ryan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

At that moment, I realized Ryan essentially recreated our entire first date; he picked me up in “his” car to drive aimlessly through Waltham, had dinner at the same restaurant (in the same red booth), had dessert at the same ice cream parlor, and even brought me back to the exact same spot we first met to ask to spend the rest of our lives together.

Since the proposal, Ryan has revealed that for the months leading up to the proposal, he had been listening to “Slow Dance in A Parking Lot”, a country music song by Jordan Davis. While he plotted his epic proposal, he loved listening to the song was so literally related to our real-life love story. Since the proposal, we have turned this Jordan Davis song into our “anthem”, as no matter what we were doing or where we were going, we are always making the most of whatever we got, even if it’s just a slow dance in a parking lot!

Special Thanks

Jacklyn & Drew
 | Photographer
Jordan Davis
 | Happened to write a song about our real-life love story.