Eden and Matan

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How We Met

You know how sometimes all it takes is a minute to fall in love? Well, for us all it took was some red velvet pancakes on a Saturday morning.

I was 20, and definitely didn’t think I needed help from my mom to get a date. So when she texted me “I gave your number to my client with a cute brother” I was NOT excited. But, I figured what’s done is done – if nothing else it’s a free meal. He insisted on picking me up for breakfast the next day (which at the time was super creepy in my mind but is now the most romantic) and ordered us red velvet pancakes. I guess the rest is history.

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how they asked

Seven months later, on my 21st birthday, we sat down for dinner with our families. He had already given me framed photos of us as a gift, but of course he had one more. I hate opening presents in public but he forced me to open this huge box. In it was another box with plastic carrots, a rope, and fake diamonds. There was a small box in it too but I kept saying “it’s earrings, it’s earrings”. But when I opened it, it was empty. Pissed off, I looked up to him on one knee “marry me”.

We’re flying to Cancun with our family and closest friends to tie the knot this memorial weekend!