Eden and Kevin

Eden's Proposal in Pell City, Alabama

How We Met

I met Kevin at my very first class at Samford University. It’s hard to even tell when we actually met because it seems like it was this gradual connection where we continued to grow closer. We went to lunch together every day, usually with other friends. It wasn’t until he asked me to play piano with him that I even thought about how great of a guy he was. We remained friends for a while but he eventually became my best friend. Each day felt like we became closer and closer until one day he walked into the room and I thought “Wow. When did Kevin James get so cute???” but I kept denying all my feelings (despite everyone’s comments about how we were dating because of how much time we spent together). This did not last very long… He relentlessly asked me out and pursued me for six months. After this, I realized that I couldn’t hold my feelings back any longer and we started dating.

How They Asked

I had been waiting for Kevin to ask me to be his wife for a little while, although it felt like forever! I knew it was coming so, of course, I kept trying to guess when it would happen. I was convinced it would be on March 24 (our 1 year) but he did a good job of convincing me I was wrong. With the coronavirus, everything had changed. We were on lockdown and couldn’t go anywhere so I didn’t know how it was going to happen but he surprised me at my house. I walked up and saw his guitar and camera set up on the front porch so I knew this was it!

He sat me down and asked if he could play me a song he wrote, “Spend Forever.” In the song, he asked me to marry him but after he finished playing it he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was so sweet and special because he writes me songs all the time. Although things turned out differently because of COVID-19, I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

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