Eden and James

How We Met

2015….. that was the year that James and I truly met …. I had been working for the same company for about a year prior (2014… this is the year I started there) ….. WORK it’s that simple we met at work!!!! And like most love stories they didn’t start that way …. James had a way about himself that was recognizable he was funny the office was never without laugher even on bad days and so ridiculously good at his job it made the office jealous including myself, he was assertive and grumpy at times but boy oh boy was he the planner of a great coworker get together, always a hit… I remember our CEO saying to me when James moved from Virginia to New York permanently to take the Office Manager Position saying he thinks you’re cute…. and I still remember saying WHAT ugh no I can’t deal with his egotistical self … I was so wrong….. when he asked me out for drinks that Saturday night I thought sure I’d meet up with you guys if I have time knowing I did not have time but when he said no can You n I have a drink. That’s when it all began and I fell in love truly in love with James Motz #2whiterussians at the Casino because of how late it was… he waited until midnight to take me out. I went to a concert that night and I remember trying to blow him off but he insisted he would wait until I got back and I knew he was coming from about 45 minutes away so I decided to appease the situation and take his drink offer he had already waited all night lol ……………… NOW HE IS MY FIANCÉ.

How They Asked

His Mom said to me he figured what better place Than Disney, it was the perfect fit…… April 06th, 2019 it is also James birthday he was never to was big on celebrating his birthday he had never been to Disney and well it’s my favorite place to be …….he spent months speaking to my little sister planning my entire family was present because for my family above all……

there was one ride, in particular, I have told James I was had to get on because it’s my favorite #underthesea like mermaid, and to him, this was golden opportunity as the ride departed n he felt less intimidating …. he leaned in there it was my babe n the man my whole heart belongs to didn’t want to do life without me …. and there it was that I said YES!!

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