Eden and Jack

How We Met

Jack and I met 7 years ago when I started working at a local restaurant in a small town outside of Chicago. It wasn’t until 2 years later we started dating. About a month before we started dating our work did a silly voting activity for a Christmas party. We got cutest couple, which he thought was great and I was embarrassed (I had a boyfriend at this time, yikes). Although it was funny I didn’t think more into it. But, as time went on I eventually broke up with my now ex and Jack was right on top of asking me to hang out. We still tease about this today, but I didn’t think it would be more than a friendship. Luckily for us we hit it off extremely well. 3 month into our relationship Jack asked me to move to Colorado with him! I gladly excepted and moved when we were dating only 6 months! But, here we are 5 years later happier than ever!

Eden's Proposal in Disney world

How They Asked

Like most of us girls, I teased Jack a lot about getting married, but I honestly thought we still had a while. We recently went on a trip to Disney World with my family. There was once a day that Jack and I went to the Magic kingdom just the two of us! It was so much fun, but little did I know he had a little more planned for our day together. It was almost 1 pm when we got done eating lunch and decided to go back toward the shops and look around some more. I also really wanted a picture of us together in front of the castle but I am too shy to ask strangers and he was being adamant about getting a photo by one of the photographers.

Proposal Ideas Disney world

We ended up hanging out by one of the lawns for a little while because he wanted to sit. Which was weird to me because we just ate lunch but we were busy the last couple days. We ended up taking some pictures by one of the photographers just for fun to see if we can order just one. He did have his shoe untied and didn’t want to tie it! We stopped taking pictures and I was looking at them on the app to see how they looked.

Jack went back to the photographer and asked to take another photo. And that’s when he “tied” his shoe! I remember asking him what he was going as he reached into his pocket then spinning around for some reason! I honestly don’t even remember saying yes! But, I know what he said. ♥️ Truly the most magical place on earth!