Eden and Brady

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How We Met

Brady and I met the summer going into my freshman year at the University of Oregon, where he was going to be a sophomore. We grew up only 25 miles away from each other, and had mutual friends, and yet we’d never met. My girlfriends had invited a bunch of boys over to my parents house without my say, and who do you think was one of them? After talking for only a few weeks, and going on a couple legitimate dates (I later found out the rush was due to me starting college just a few weeks after this, and he didn’t want any other men to have a chance with me), he asked me to be his girlfriend, and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Brady and I traveled home to the Oregon coast for a golf tournament fundraiser that he was golfing in with my family. The night before the tournament was a fundraiser dinner for the individuals who were going to be golfing the following day, but Brady wasn’t attending because he was spending time with his family for the night who were 25 minutes away.

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So my parents and I drive to the dinner that was set up in an Event Center on the bay, and when we walked in there were two tables filled with members from both sides of our family. I was confused at first because none of them were in the golf tournament, but then through the French doors came a long line of even more family from near and as far away as Texas!

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And behind them followed my best friends, and last was Brady. He walked up and said “This isn’t a dinner fundraiser, this is actually our engagement party. So in front of all of our loved ones, will you marry me?”, and the answer was obviously YES!

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