Eden and Abe

how they asked

Abe proposed on December 1st, 2018. That day started with Eden really wanting to go to Jasper since they were nearing the holiday season. When Eden had suggested she wanted to go to Jasper, Abe thought to himself, “this is going to ruin my proposal”. Abe had everything planned and setup for proposing in a specific location. Abe needed a way to politely turn down going to Jasper, but without being so obvious as to why. Conveniently the road conditions were very bad, there was a snowstorm. Eden then went off on a rant saying that Abe never plans anything and that she plans everything. She then asked Abe what he wanted to do, and he suggested that they go for a walk, then grab dinner in the evening. Eden was pissed. She said, “We always do that!” Eden eventually calmed down (slightly) and asked Abe what she should wear and how she should do her hair. Abe didn’t have full creativity; Eden gave him choices for clothing and hair style. Abe calmly chose what he would like her to wear and how she should do her hair, and when she didn’t agree, Abe didn’t resist, he just calmly went along. Abe didn’t want to draw any attention to what could be happening later that day, he had to remain consistent. Don’t forget, Eden was still grumpy and upset.

They had lunch together then Eden went to get ready. Abe had everything planned out. Unfortunately, Eden decided to take her sweet time getting ready. She spent more time on the phone than getting ready. Abe waited patiently and never once tried to speed up the process. He couldn’t raise any suspicion, he had to remain consistent. Eden was ready about an hour to an hour and half later than she had initially said it would take. Just as they were about to leave, Eden started to panic because she couldn’t find her earrings. She had no intention of wearing these earrings, she just wanted to find them. She was running up and down the stairs looking for the earrings. Another delay to the schedule. Abe calmly asked her if finding these earrings now was really necessary. The day light was going to be gone soon, and then they wouldn’t be able to get great pics (she loves pictures) during our walk. He went on to say that they could both look for them after the walk. They finally left.

Abe is probably the most consistent and calm person you will ever meet so the fact that he acted like this was just another day helped with why Eden didn’t know what he was up too. They decided to go for a walk at Wolf Willow Ravine for their walk that day. Another thing is that Abe is the best Instagram bae for Eden’s nonexistent Instagram account. He takes all of Eden’s pictures wherever they go, and that day was no different.

It was snowing and Eden cheered up a little bit and asked him to take pictures of her walking through the paths. However, that day while Eden was posing her life away, she didn’t know that there was a photographer hiding in the trees to take our pictures when he popped the question. Finally, they got to this resting point and he asked to take a picture of her looking into the distance because the trees and the snow looked beautiful. When she turned around after taking the pictures, he was on his knee and ready to propose. What came after will forever haunt Eden LOL. She was in complete and utter shock that the first words out of her mouth were “OMG you are so weird”. Don’t worry she ended up saying YES!!!

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