Eddie and Faith

How We Met

Standing on the bus stop, sucking on a lollipop. Lol, no really she was standing on a bus stop maybe minus the lollipop ;-) I pulled over (being a cosmetologist), I noticed her hair and inquired if she was interested in being in a hair show I was scheduled to work. We exchanged information and developed a friendship, that eventually evolved into inseparable. That was the Genesis that gave me the opportunity to see the Revelation that we were destined to be…

how they asked

After almost 4 years, my soon to be fiance began to become doubtful that it would ever happen. Whenever we’d talk about it, I always expressed how I wanted it to be the right time, and a time to remember. EUREKA! I’ve got it! I spent almost 7 months planning her surprise to be remembered. For us to be randomly selected to be participants of a game show aboard a CRUISE. ( another thing she’d so desperately been wanting to do :-) The type of proposal wasn’t something the cruise line offered, and something the game show had never done. But I was determined, and finally the stage was set. The ring was purchased, and it was time to set sail for my “Birthday.” The game show wasn’t until the 6th day of a 7 day cruise. Those were the longest 6 days of my life lol. It’s Show Time. We’re at the show and I’m eagerly and nervously waiting for the Host to say the magic words where I’d volunteer. The quest was to find someone from each team in the audience who thought they still “had it,” to give their best pickup line to someone. This was my time to shine. I immediately volunteered for my team, and as planned, gave the cheesiest line I could think of to my soon to be. It happened to be “Are you an Angel, because you clearly just fell from heaven.” The crowd went crazy with boos. The Host decides it’s so bad, he’s going to give me another chance. That’s when I came with my real line “I went to love court, and they sentenced my heart to life. They said I was found guilty of wanting you to be my wife.” Although flattered, she had no idea, til I dropped to my knee, and asked “Will you marry me,” that this was her “Time to be remembered.” In disbelief, she asked the crowd, and the Host “Is this real???” Once assured she yelled with exhilarated excitement “Hell Yea!” We embraced, we kissed… and then it hit her. This is REAL…and she broke with tears of joy as the crowd soothed her with “Awwww.” And so it began, our journey of a lifetime…

Special Thanks

Jie Flowers
 | Planning
Eljon Stephens
 | Planning