Ebru and Can

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How We Met

While I was studying in my last year of uni, I was working part-time at a jewelry store, Angus, and Coote, at my local shopping center. It was a quiet Sunday shift and I had just come back from my lunch break. Can walked in with a friend and was looking to purchase a watch as a gift. After the other girl who was working helped him choose the watch, I helped her put through the sale. He struck up a conversation with me and the rest is history!

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how they asked

I remember thinking when we got to the garden that it was such a strange place to hold a work function (Can had told me we were going to a work function which was a picnic in a garden in Melbourne). When we got there I asked him how he knew where in the park to go and he said that he was sent a map on his phone. So we walked through the park and down this narrow gravel path and I saw a small bridge over some water. As we were approaching the bridge, Can grabbed my hand and whispered I love you. When we got to the bridge I saw a small picnic.

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I could see it was beautiful, covered with pillows and flowers. But my first thought was; how are all those people supposed to fit in this space with that small picnic!? Next thing I knew Can turn around, got down on one knee and simply said “Ebs, will you do the honor of marrying me?”. In my shock the first thing I said was “what are you doing?”! He opened up a small black box and I saw the ring. I then came to my senses and said yes! It was the most beautiful, happy moment of my life thus far.

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