Ebony and Nehemiah

How We Met

Nehemiah and I both attend the same church. Every now and then we would coincidently run into each other at Kroger store after Wednesday night service. Well after running into each other numerous times, Nehemiah never could build up the nerve to ask me for my phone number. So he did the next best thing, he started to get to know me through our mutual friend. (lol) Of course, with he and I having the same mutual friend, we eventually exchanged numbers. He pursued me for nearly a year until I finally gave in, and agreed to go on a date with him. From our very first date we’ve been inseparable ever since. Two years later after having first conversed with each other we’re now engaged, and looking forward to being husband and wife.

how they asked

Nehemiah proposed on New Years Day 2016. All that day we had been planning to attend a party at his parents house (so I thought) later that evening. We had previously spent time with my family earlier that day and we’re going to spend the evening with his family. Nehemiah told me to be ready by 6:45 to attend this “party” that started at 7. We arrived at his parents house shortly after seven and I remember thinking as we pulled up “we’re the first ones here”. We walk in and head to his parents backyard where the “party” was taking place. To my surprise as we entered the backyard my family and his family were already there waiting for us. Nehemiah guided me to the setup he created with roses, candles, an arch, etc. and then he proposed. It was the one of the best moments of my life!

Image 1 of Ebony N. and Nehemiah

Image 2 of Ebony N. and Nehemiah