Ebony and John

how we met

We met through Ok Cupid an online dating site. We both had just joined and weren’t really taking it seriously. There was no expectation for was to come from it. Right before I was about to delete my account, I received a message from John. It was super simple, to the point and respectful. He stood out because he was the only man that addressed me appropriately. We talked for a month before he asked me on a date. We went to Red Robin for dinner a public place. The date was a little awkward because I had never met anyone more quiet than me. After the date I was unsure if this was going to go any further but my friends told me to give it another shot because all 1st dates are awkward. And here we are 4 years later, engaged, ready to start this new chapter of our life.

how they asked

The Planning process: He had already started looking for the ring. He went to my parents to get their blessing and received the blessing from my brother and sister as well. After he received their blessings he went to the jewelry store a day later and spent two hours looking for the right ring. It was overwhelming but once they showed him this one specific ring, he new that was the one for me. He came home and hid the ring in our second bedroom in the top drawer. The crazy thing was I was in there on the phone with one of my friends and we both said we felt like he was getting ready to propose. Little did I know he had already purchased the ring and it was in the drawer in front of me and I never knew. I kept wondering why he kept asking me what I was doing. I never go in that room so he was on edge when I randomly took a phone call in there.A couple days later he text me asking if I wanted Five Guys for dinner and I said of course. It was March 7, 2019 and I had just got home from work. I walked in and there was a gift bag on the table with my favorite Lush Handmade Cosmetics products because we were going on a trip to Chicago for my birthday that weekend. There were candles lit to set the mood. He then handed me my package which was another gift of colour pop concealers I wanted. I ripped the package open and started swatching makeup on the back of my hand. He asked me if I had to do that right now and I said of course lol what else do i have to do? I’m off work until next Tuesday. He Then points to the bedroom door which was closed. I opened the door and there was a trail of rose petals leading to another gift bag on the bed. I come out the room and he was on one knee in the kitchen. A proposal never even crossed my mind because I look busted and its a random Thursday night. He starts telling me how much he loves me and that he wanted to do this before our trip. I’m thinking to myself why is he still on the floor and I think I asked him if he was alright lol. I turn to smell my favorite candle he had lit and when I turned back to him he said will you marry me and opened a ring box. I was COMPLETELY SURPRISED! I loved this man so much but I just didn’t think it was going to happen in the moment. I was in shock for 10 minutes and then burst into tears because it was so surreal. It was just me and him, super intimate and thats how he wanted it. I loved it because that was us, nothing crazy just me and him.

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