Easter Egg Proposal | Nicole and Anthony

Image 1 of Easter Egg Proposal | Nicole and AnthonyHow we met:

Our story began in January of 2009 when we met through mutual friends. The second I met anthony my world became a much sunnier place. His silly sense of humor won me over instantly and the smile on my face hasn’t left since. He is literally my best friend & now 5 1/2 later I can officially call him my fiancé.

how they asked:

Easter was the first holiday that we celebrated as an official couple all those years ago. This Easter, Anthony decided to make it the most special of all. Both of our immediate families were together celebrating & were participating in an Easter egg hunt. Little did I know everyone was in on Anthony’s plan. I found that one special pink egg, and with that, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him.

Image 2 of Easter Egg Proposal | Nicole and Anthony