Renae and Jerome's Easter Egg Hunt Proposal

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How We Met

Jerome and I met exactly ten years ago through a mutual friend who happened to by my boyfriend at the time. :-) We lot touch over the years, and he had moved to Dallas (I lived in Houston at the time). We always thought well of each other, but, well, life just goes so fast. Then, three years ago, I get a Facebook private message from him and was kind of shocked. We both had just broken up with our respective people and caught up by phone for a few weeks. Our longest daily conversation was 7 hours long!!! We met up when I had planned to meet some friends for an all-girls trip and have been inseparable ever since!

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how they asked

I had already picked out a ring so had no idea how much of a surprise the proposal would be, when or how he would do it. Boy, was I wrong! The day before Easter, he and some friends had planned an Easter egg hunt for our four godkids who live in Dallas. I had made Easter baskets for the kids and just expected a typical lovely morning with them and brunch. When the hunt was over, one of our goddaughters handed me two eggs. So sweet, but I was too old for egg hunting ;-) She insisted, so I opened them to find two notes…”Wirst du” and “marry me?” (He speaks German.) Confused then shocked, I turn around to find him on one knee and couldn’t contain myself. With tears streaming down my face, I say, “Yes!” and the rest is history. Credit goes to our friends Josh and Jeni for helping him plan a flawless proposal then hosting an amazing brunch including flowers and Easter petit fours after with our friends Kenny and Alma. It was truly a special day with special people and a great start to the next chapter in our life together!

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