Easha and Rohan


How We Met

It was the year 2013. Easha was one not friends with me directly. I came to meet her with the help of my other friend in front of a shopping mall. We all used to hangout together. From the hangouts we became really good friends, used to share all the happiness and sadness together. We used to meet up after our office. Between this time our family grew to know each other. The year 2014 my mom asked me if I want Easha to be my life partner? She really likes her, if yes then she will talk to Easha’s family. I just smiled and after that both families agreed.


how they asked

It was September 2014. One day Easha told me that we were friends but I needed to propose to her formally. I was like oops I forgot.  Then the plan came to my mind to propose to her in a different way. That time I didn’t pay heed to her words and kind of avoided it just to let her understand that I didn’t give much importance to it. On the 5th September,2014 I with my friend Rijan went out for a shoot. We shoot all the day and I didn’t talk with Easha during this time just to keep her tense. Finally on the 6th September, 2014 I proposed to her.




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