Ean and Samantha Recreate Their First Date

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How we met -by Ean: It all started in a galaxy far, far away… Just kidding. Actually we met back in high school at band camp (that’s not a joke), through a mutual friend of ours.

One day while Samantha was playing percussion in the climate controlled band room, I needed to come inside to grab water or something unimportant. Apparently the light must have hit me just right or something, because that’s when she noticed me, and how glad I am she did!

On paper we are two very different personalities, but in this case opposites really do attract. It’s been over 8 years now and I love her more every single day!

Now for that proposal. The first thing you have to understand is back when our first date was supposed to happen it didn’t go as planned. We were supposed to go on a double date with some friends to get to know each other but Samantha has a very good relationship with sleep. Long story short, she overslept, didn’t call me, and I had a bro date with a friend. Ever since then our “first date” had always been an inside joke that we could both poke fun at, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate it somehow when that big day came, so I planned.

The week before I proposed I had my brother’s girlfriend ask Sam to go on a double date with them (which of course I set up). That day she asked to go out beforehand, but I convinced her that I had been doing a lot of work outside and needed to take a nap before I came to pick her up for the double date. I of course “overslept.” Really I was parked 2 minutes away from her apartment trying to compose myself in order not to blow the whole surprise. In the end I had my brother call me while we were driving over there (in a car speaker so she could hear) and he let us know that he was able to change the reservation so we wouldn’t be late (again planned in advance). We ended up in the downtown Charleston area by the water which I had a few people, with our candid camera photographer in hiding.

I got down one knee and from there you can probably guess what she said.

How we met – by Samantha: It all started back in the Fall of 2005. We were at band practice and while I was practicing inside he came in catching my eye. From there we dated throughout high school.

how they asked – by Samantha: To start off we have to go back about 8 years prior to the proposal.

Typically on a first date there are nerves, anticipation and maybe some awkward conversation..


Well you see, our first date included sweet dreams and an awkward man date. If you’re confused right now it’s okay.. so was he when I did not show up. I think you can guess who accidentally over slept and who had the awkward man date. But the past is the past and it looks like prince charming has found his sleeping beauty.

Now let’s fast forward to 2014. Ean had just graduated college so that meant in my mind that a ring was sure to appear at some point over the summer. I mean after 8 years of being together the time had come.

But the question was When? Where? How? My proposal signals were on high alert ever since he walked across and grabbed his diploma. May passed and June was on its way .. still no ring..

Then I was asked to go on a double date with Ean’s brother and girlfriend. I didn’t think much of it since we had gone with them in the past. So we set the date and all was a go.

The double date had arrived and I had to work earlier that day so once I got off I called Ean wondering when he was going to pick me up. Ean sounded exhausted on the phone. He was explaining to me that he had been outside helping his dad and needed to take a nap.

I believed him and actually went home to take a nap myself.

You know the usual.

The time came to pick me up and Ean was nowhere to be found. I called and no answer. Typical guy. Finally he called me back saying that he had “over slept” and was on his way.

Once we parked downtown we headed towards the pier to meet the lovely couple. And before I knew it Ean was on his knee asking me the question I had been longing for!

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Thanks to family members and friends and not to mention the best hidden photographer out there!

Photography by Jeanne Mitchum Photography