Dzeneta and Hasan

how they asked

We were scheduled to do a photo shoot since I’ve always wanted fall photos and we never found the time to do them. So while we were down in Punta Cana on vacation he scheduled us a photo shoot to get nice photos done by the beach and I thought nothing of it.

We took photos all around the resort and the last place was the beach I was turned towards the ocean because the photographer placed me that way and he tapped me to turn around I thought it was the photographer putting me in place so I didn’t turn around right away then finally I turned around and there he was down on one knee asking me to marry him!

Image 1 of Dzeneta and Hasan

Image 2 of Dzeneta and Hasan

Image 3 of Dzeneta and Hasan

Image 4 of Dzeneta and Hasan