Dylan and Katie

How We Met: It was the summer going into my Image 1 of Dylan and Katiesenior year when I met Dylan. The day was June 5, 2013. Ihad spent the whole entire morning getting ready for the day. That day was an important day to me because it was the day my (unbiological) big sister was going to take my senior portraits.

It had rained that whole entire weekend, so we decided that we’d have to do them indoors. That was pretty tricky! We asked our preachers wife if we could use the church building for my pictures, she said yes.

It was when we opened the church doors that I saw Dylan. Our youth minister was there setting up for an event called Oxygen, and had asked Dylan to help. He was so beautiful to me. He had these big blue eyes, a square sculpted jaw, huge bulging biceps, a beautiful smile, adorable dimple.. And the sexiest southern accent I had ever heard in my life.

How did I respond to this? I said “hi!” Turned the brightest shade of pink and hurried into the next room. I told my photographer friend Whitney, “Oh my.. I can’t. He’s the HOTTEST guy I’ve ever seen in my life”. We had finished my senior pictures but of course we volunteered to stay and help them set up for the event. We smiled at each other a lot.

We spent the rest of the day talking and setting up together. He was the most thoughtful, interesting, intelligent and open man I had ever met. About 9 o’clock rolls around and we were finished setting up. Whitney and Nathan, our youth minister were in the other room reviewing his lesson, while Dylan and I sat in the audio booth. We talked about everything!

Life, love, our pasts, our goals, music.. Everything. I had an obvious crush, I’m glad he did too (wish I had known that then!). We played music and Whitney and Nathan came in and danced around the room with us and sang to high school musical and ran around like lunatics. We had so much fun. We used whitneys camera and took pictures of each other! Around 3am we all left and went home. Whitney slept over and we layed in bed and talked about the day. “You’re going to marry him” she said. I should’ve believed her, then.

how they asked: A lot had happened in the almost two years between! Two baptisms, two graduations, four birthdays, tons of dates, a baby, countless kisses… woah woah woah I know. You read it right. On valentines day 2015, I found out I was going to be a mommy. I was completely terrified. I was barely 19 years old and was halfway through cosmetology school, I wasn’t married nonetheless engaged.. and I was pregnant. I was blessed to say I was never alone.Image 2 of Dylan and Katie

Dylan held my hand and stood by my side through every bit of it. Every morning sickness episode, every ultrasound, every doctors appointment, every craving, every fear.. he was there.

I was going to be a mommy and he was going to be a daddy and we were going to get through this together, we were determined. Dylan had came up with the idea of going on a beach trip as a ‘last vacation before the baby’ kind of thing. I loved it.

I hadn’t been to the beach in ages and it sounded like loads of fun. We were to leave the afternoon after our Gender Reveal Party! What were we having? In case you were the least bit curious we are expecting a baby boy.

His name will be Noah Cade Reiser and he is due October 19th, 2015. We left for the beach and i was so excited. That five hour car ride was the most fun I had ever had in the car.. ever. We danced, we talked, we sang.. I loved him. I still love him.

I remember looking at him and thinking, “God, I could do this forever. I could do life with him, forever. I’d be perfectly happy and would have absolutely no regrets.” One day while we were at the beach Dylan took me to Shell Island. I was so excited! Shell Island is a tiny island off the coast of Panama City Beach. We spent the whole day snorkeling, tanning, swimming, and looking for shells. About 4 hours later we were both really tan, really pink and ready to go back to the hotel.

We took turns in the bathroom getting ready to go out for dinner. He wanted me to dress up to take pictures afterwards, so I did. It was halfway through getting ready when he finally told me we were going to Margaritaville to get my favorite food, Coconut shrimp. That made me the happiest pregnant woman EVER. I hadn’t had coconut shrimp since the last time I went to margaritaville eight years before that in key west. I’m Spaniard/Cuban and used to have it all the time when I was younger but once we moved to Alabama it was harder to come by.

Once we got there we were seated at an adorable little boat shaped table over looking the stage. I cheese curds to start, my coconut shrimp, greenbeans, and two virgin Pina Coladas! I was absolutely stuffed. Dylan, had ate too.. but had also scarfed down two Landshark beers. This should’ve been my first clue because Dylan was not a drinker. Not in the least! He had ordered us a Key Lime pie to share, and told me he’d be right back that he had to go to the “bathroom”.

I waited on him and waited on him. So I did what any other normal girl would do.. I got on my phone. It was about thirty seconds later I hear Dylans voice yelling from the stage. My heart dropped.. what the heck was he doing? He’s not doing what I think hes doing.. is he? He was. Dylan had gotten everybody’s attention and called me out on stage. He introduced me as his beautiful Girlfriend of almost two years who he loved so much.

Image 3 of Dylan and Katie

He told everyone that we were on vacation and that I was pregnant with his baby boy. My eyes were filling up with tears. I could barely hold them back. He got down on one knee and asked, “Katie, will you marry me?”. I was so nervous. I couldn’t speak.. I nodded my head yes and cried into his shoulder as he put the ring on my finger, got off his knee and hugged me.

Image 4 of Dylan and Katie

The whole rest of the night was a blur. Everything felt so surreal! I was marrying the man of my dreams, father of my unborn baby boy, and best friend.

Image 5 of Dylan and Katie