Dylan and Justin

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Stanley Park, Everett, WA

How We Met

My friend Alex and I just wanted to have a night filled with no inhibitions and to see Bonobo’s DJ set – we both loved to dance to his music. It started as the perfect late September night, we stayed at her Dad’s loft and took the ferry from West Seattle over to downtown. We started out with a gin and tonic or two, after all, we planned to dance the whole night away as this was our summer of fun and should we say, a little bit of recklessness since we were about to start grad school in a few more days. We went to get one more drink before we made our way down to the stage to get as close as we possibly could. We went to stand by the balcony of the Showbox bar against the railing. There were guys on either side of us.

Dylan's Proposal in Stanley Park, Everett, WA

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Stanley Park, Everett, WA

We felt like having a bit of fun and striking up a conversation with a guy that night. I noticed she was already talking to the guy next to her, but I am super shy and felt nervous to say something to the guy next to me. I turned to Alex and interrupted to ask if my guy had a man bun or any other weird sort of physical trait, trying to buy time or maybe look for an excuse not to have to make the first move. She said no he is cute and tall! Just say anything. I turned to him and truly got a good look at him, I noticed he had a strong jawline, so I got a little closer and asked “Do you know what time Bonobo goes on?”, knowing very well he was starting his show at 12:15, in fact, there was a sign right next to Justin that mentioned the times which I think Justin knew I knew was there as well.

He smiled shyly, which happened to be the next thing I noticed about him, his big, warm smile. He said I think 12:15! and after that Alex eventually grew tired talking to her guy and Justin continued talking to us the whole night through. He made sure we were hydrated the whole night and made sure to give me my space while Alex and I danced. We met Justin’s friend Morris on the dance floor at front stage. We are still all close friends to this day.

How They Asked

Justin and I had an offbeat week. We decided to go home to PA and visit/ meet my family for the holidays. That week I decided I wanted to marry him and I couldn’t rest until I knew if he wanted the same thing. We had never talked about marriage prospects before, except for in passing. I realized I wanted to make music, adventures, and live out out career goals together with the one who gets me on mostly, every single level and is the most unique man I have ever met. I told my family and friends that I planned on asking him because I wanted it to be a surprise for him. That same weekend I told him we should go to this cool park in Everett, WA, about 15 minutes from us, we’ve been there once before a couple of weeks ago and saw some pretty beautiful bald eagles and blue herons. It was going to be sunny and I knew it was now or an existential dread sort of feeling if I didn’t ask him that weekend. When I feel something I like to get it out. He slept in because he works nights and we were going to see Fleetwood Mac that evening with two of our friends. I dragged him out of bed and we drove down to Spencer Park, which is essentially a wetland built in an industrial marina area. He was taking lots of pictures because it was gorgeous outside, as I was expressing my feelings for him. We finally found a little spot we could sit and I could give him my bag of goodies I carried the whole walk. There was a duck hunter hiding in the weeds so we had to move down the path! At the second spot, we had a beautiful view of the sunset with the cattails in the background. I gave him my card and he opened it. Inside was a message that said will you marry me with a string ring I made. As his eyes watered up, he nodded yes, as it was all he could get out and we shared a bottle of wine by the marshland and talked about how excited we were.