Dylan and Jaclyn

Dylan and Jaclyn met in Boston while they were both attending college. Although they went to separate schools, they ended up meeting through a mutual friend. It was love at first sight and they began dating after meeting for the first time. Instantaneously, they became inseparable and did not spend a single day apart. Eventually, Dylan and Jaclyn graduated and Jaclyn moved back to New York while Dylan stayed in Boston for work. Despite the distance, they grew even closer together. After a few months apart, Dylan ended up moving to New York to be closer to Jaclyn, forever.

Lovers of travel, Dylan and Jaclyn went on a regular weekend trip, this time to Peddler’s Village in Pennsylvania. However, this very “regular” trip would turn out to be the most special and best trip of their lives. Dylan had picked out the perfect ring, and he was ready to propose to the love of his life. Dylan planned the whole day from start to finish, down to the minute. He coordinated with a hidden photographer and by chance, was even able to coordinate with the year’s first snow fall! After lunch, Dylan and Jaclyn were walking through the village when suddenly Dylan grabbed Jaclyn’s hand, got down on one knee in front of a frozen pond, and with the snow falling down around them, asked Jaclyn to marry him. She said YES!

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