Dylan and Aerielle

Dylan and Aerielle's Engagement in Anchorage Alaska

Dylan and I met a year ago on bumble! I had given up on dating especially since I kept dating the worst kind of guys. My little sister insisted I was “too old” and needed to get back out on the dating scene. She downloaded bumble on my phone and a couple nights before thanksgiving we stayed up all night swiping. We came across Dylan’s profile and she immediately was like “yes swipe yes he could be a good one!” I wasn’t buying it but I listened to her since she said I had bad taste.

The next morning I work up and Dylan had matched with me but I was busy with work and school so I didn’t get a chance to chat with him; so he extended our time to talk. Thanksgiving morning I messaged him and said hi and we hit it off. He was caring, sweet, and attentive on the app and really cared about my story and who I was and I liked that about him. We went on our first date two days later and the rest is pretty much history!

I moved in 6 months later, we have a fur baby now her name is Stella, and planned this big trip to Alaska for our one year anniversary. What happened next, I didn’t see it coming at all. Our first day in Alaska we went to a ice field and Dylan bought a drone to take cool photos of us. He setup the drone to take an amazing photo on this field of ice and I’m standing there posing and fake smiling; Dylan then tells me he has a surprise. I was standing there waiting for what felt like an eternity and he pulled out a little box and opened it and dropped to one knee! The drone was hovering as he asked me to marry him! I was so excited and shocked I started stutter stepping and don’t remember saying yes but jumped on him and eventually said yes! It was such a special moment and we have it recorded for our family and friends to see.

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