Dyana and Robert

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How We Met

Dalton and I met in the back of an Ambulance…interesting to say the least. Long story short, I was a student going to school for my EMT and he was my preceptor. I really didn’t like him much at first, he was kinda mean. He made me work really hard. Lol I did find him extremely attractive though & even caught myself checking out his butt a few times. We exchanged a few emails regarding school, swapped phone numbers & eventually I agreed to get coffee with him at Starbucks. We quickly became really good friends. We had tons of stuff in common & our personalities we very similar. We would just sit and talk for hours. He helped me move shortly after that, all day he worked his butt off.

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A few days later we went out for dinner & a drink when the waitress asked him for his ID I realized that he had helped me move ON HIS BIRTHDAY, I initially was upset, but quickly realized how selfless he was. He didn’t care that it was his birthday, he wanted to spend time with me. We continued to be friends for a few months & eventually made it official. From that moment on, we spent every spare moment we had together. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed someone’s company as much as I did his. Well fell in love, and the rest.. well it’s history.

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how they asked

Dalton asked me to Marry him on May 26th 2015 only after giving me a box 16 days previous that had a list of instructions on it.

1. Remove only one level of wrapping paper each day at noon.

2. Each day a picture of yourself (face included) holding the package with not visible and the note must be saved intact.

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Dyana and Robert's Engagement in At our house

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At our house

3. If more than one level is removed the whole process starts over!

4. Don’ts: shake, X-ray, smash, throw, make attempts to remove all paper and re wrap, any force that could cause exposure of objects inside.

5. Any rule that is broken is punishable by many beatings (joke) and never knowing what’s inside the package. So each day, I removed one level of paper to receive the next note that continued on from the day before. He knew that this would be extremely hard for me since I like to be in charge & am a very impatient person. At one point I even told him, “I don’t want the damn box, I don’t care what’s inside of it.” lol because no one but him knew how many layers(days) the box had on it.. and it was driving me crazy.

He told me, “baby do you trust me? I promise what’s inside is worth the wait.” He said, “the suspense was killing him too.” That’s what got me through it.

When I got to the last note, he was home that day. I opened the box and inside was a rose (my favorite color) a picture of us & Nike custom ID tennis shoes that said “Marry Me” on the tabs. I turned around and he was behind me on one knee.

I was in such shock I didn’t even hear the words “will you marry me come out of his mouth” but I could tell he was saying it. Of course I said yes!! I now have a picture and a memory for each day of my proposal. As hard as it was, I’m glad I got through it. It’s the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done. (The photos wouldn’t upload in order for some reason) but the note says… “instructions” Dyana Krystene Paige and Robert Dalton Rice, the past year has been… the best year of my life…I have truly never been … this happy with anyone more special & beautiful than you!


Everyday is a new exciting adventure we share together and I love you! I look forward to spending many more days with you. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do! Congratulations you have successfully made it all the way. I am very proud of the patience and intestinal fortitude it has taken to not rip this box apart. I can only imagine how difficult it has been.