Dyan and Kayvon

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How We Met

Kayvon & I met during my Sophomore year of High School. I was 15 years old and had recently just gotten out of my previous relationship. My best friend in High school had always joked with me saying “My cousin thinks you’re so cute, what do you think!?”, multiple times a week. At the time, I wasn’t interested in anything serious because I’ve always felt that boys at that age were just all so immature. It wasn’t until Valentine’s day 2010, Kayvon was waiting at his aunt’s house (my best friend’s house) for a ride to go on a date that night. My friend knew he was coming over so she had invited me and two of my friends over to hang out and that was the day I finally met him. From what I remember, I remember him being SO shy and he could barely talk to me but if you ask him, he says it was the other way around. I have always been the outgoing type so having a conversation with him was really easy for me. However, once he left for his date I remember thinking to myself ” Wow, he’s really nice”.

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Fast forward a few months later and he finally asked me out! After school on May 14, 2010, we had planned to meet up at his cousin’s house to hang out with some friends and he was slightly pressured to ask me to be his girlfriend (My friends pretty much harassed him) :D. When I had met him I remember him telling me that he wasn’t really looking for a relationship so when the day came when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I remember calling all of my friends to share the news!

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In the beginning, it was a huge adjustment for me because he was attending an all-boys High school and I was attending a different High school. When you’re young and dating all you want to do is be together but because he didn’t drive at the time, we didn’t really see eachother often. However, we are so lucky we had Andrea (his cousin/my best friend) because he was always able to hang out at her house so that gave us more of the opportunity to be together. Looking back I always felt like it was meant to be because I was already in the family thanks to Andrea (again), so I always felt like I could be myself around him and his family because duhhhhhh I was friends with all of them first. Something that I will always remember is that we always made it work, whether that meant him coming to my cheering game on a Friday night or going to Barnes and Noble to “study and do homework”.

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We quickly became inseparable. Kayvon was a grade older than me meaning he left for college first. When he had left, I had my doubts but I am so grateful things worked out because here we are 10 years later and now ENGAGED. We’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve made it through every obstacle and made it for every milestone in each other’s lives, birthdays, graduations, Grad school, new additions to the family, losses, surgeries, etc. When he asked for my parent’s blessing they said to him ” You have always been a part of our family” and for me, those words couldn’t be more true. He has always felt like family to me and I am so excited to marry my high school sweetheart.

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How They Asked

Kayvon is the most loving and romantic man I have ever met in my life. He is the kind of guy who pays attention to detail and knows when to show effort when needed. This year in 2020, he surprised me with the most beautiful and intimate candle-lit dinner for our 10 year anniversary with little details that meant so much to me. We are both huge on surprises so any chance we can get, we will try to surprise one another. On birthday we took a trip to Vermont with my closest friends to spend the weekend at this incredible Airbnb. The night of my birthday (LITERALLY AT 11:50 PM) he finally decided to give me my gift. He handed me the most beautiful card and inside was a mini itinerary with flights to leave December 2nd to Orlando, FL and tickets to my favorite place in the world, Disney World. I ugly cried so bad that night that I honestly think I scared him a bit…. but wow, what an incredible gift.

(10 year anniversary)

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Fast forward to the day we left and we enjoyed Universal Studios, the next day he took me to NASA ( I love space and everything about it), and Friday he had reserved tickets for us to go to Magic Kingdom. That morning I was super excited because it’s December meaning the Christmas Decorations are up and it’s DISNEY WORLD. Every morning on that trip we would have breakfast together, however, that morning I asked him if he wanted anything and he had said he only wanted coffee. Weird but okay I didn’t think much about it. Finally, we got into the car and his sister and her friend had met up with us the night before because his sister is pursuing her music career in Miami so she came up to spend the day with us. His sister is very good with her camera and is always snapping photos of us so for her to be recording us didn’t seem weird to me.

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As soon as we entered the park, we figured we’d take pictures in front of the castle to get it out of the way. Little did I know, this was all a part of his plan. As we were taking pictures, my whole family, his family, and my best friends were hiding in the park waiting for him to propose. As I was told to look at the pictures that were being taken to make sure they were good, he was already behind me on one knee. By the time I turned around, our entire family was there waiting for everything to unfold. It took me a minute to process what was going on because here is the love of my life on one knee, there’s a ring in his hand, the castle is in front of me and now our entire family there to watch?!

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I was speechless. Best day of my life. Since we have been together for so long and I knew what we both wanted for our future, I knew this day would happen. I had dreamed of this moment in my head a million times and always thought about what my reaction would be like. I always thought I would shout out “YESSSSS” but at this moment the sound of his voice speaking the sweetest words left me speechless. He made my dream proposal come true in the middle of a pandemic.

We spent the rest of our day with our family and friends enjoying the park, going on rides, watching shows, and soaking in every moment. We are so blessed.

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Special Thanks

Kaylee Ameri
 | Photographer