Dustin and Scott

Image 1 of Scott and Dustin

How we met – scott’s side

Dustin and I met in college, while attending the University of Central Florida, Rosen School of Hospitality Management. It was the first class of the Semester – Intro to Hospitality Management to be specific.

We both remember when we first saw each other – Dustin sat in the front row, directly in front of me. Each day we would exchange looks, and subtle smiles, but never had the courage to introduce ourselves to one another. We both were very curious about “that boy” in our class. Little did we know, we both were just as interested as the other.

Luckily our professor was unknowingly playing cupid and assigned us to a class project together. We still recall that excitement of butterflies to have the opportunity to talk to one another and meet each other. We exchanged numbers and contact information… for the purpose of the group project of course.

Image 2 of Scott and Dustin

As time progressed, we didn’t stay too much in touch with each other. It wasn’t until a few months had passed when Dustin sent me a message on Facebook, hinting at the idea to “get some drinks sometime together”. We finally connected and remember immediately thinking to ourselves this connection was something deep. We recognized it as something so special, our love.

Throughout the next four years we moved in with one another, traveled the world together, smiled and laughed more than ever, and helped each other through some of the toughest times of our lives. We both recall that point in our relationship when we realized that life without one another just simply doesn’t exist. After 4 years of being together, plans of a wedding someday and starting a family together became common conversation between us.

Image 3 of Scott and Dustin

How we asked – dustin’s side

So now onto the fun part – the proposal! With talks about what we thought our wedding day would look like, we began talking about how we would propose as well. We both recognized the fact that we wanted to each have that special moment of surprise for one another. Scott began to plan his version of his proposal, and I began to plan mine. We purchased the rings, and ordered the jeweler to hold our rings for one another, until the time was right. There was one problem though…. neither of us wanted to be the first one to do it!

Neither of us wanted to take the first proposal from the other, but the time came when I said enough was enough. I decided to surprise Scott with a trip to the Dominican Republic as a gift for his birthday and – little did he know – I stopped at the jeweler before departing and I had much more elaborate plans for the trip outside of the birthday balloons in the room upon arrival…

Image 4 of Scott and Dustin

I still remember how nervous I was carrying around those rings for 3 days!

It was finally the day of the proposal – the morning of April 2, 2016. We woke up to greet the sun on the beach and enjoyed a beautiful sun-filled day together. We went back to our room to get ready for what Scott thought was another nice dinner at the resort. To his surprise, however, I blindfolded him and walked him out to the beach.

I had reserved a candle-lit dinner for two, atop a cabana overlooking the ocean with the sun setting on the shoreline. Scott remembers this as the longest walk he’s ever taken, with his heart beating through his chest. Upon arrival, I removed the blindfold to unveil a romantic setting, with a personal waiter and champagne on ice.

As we sat, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and played our song – Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”. I took a deep breath while holding Scott’s hand underneath the table. I then shared with Scott the real reason for this romantic trip. With tears filling our eyes, I shared with Scott the idea of us both proposing at this time.

Image 5 of Scott and Dustin

I pulled the two rings from out of my pocket, fell to one knee and asked Scott to spend the rest of my life with me. Scott said yes, and he immediately took the opportunity to fall on one knee, and ask me to spend his life forever in love with him. WE SAID YES!

Image 6 of Scott and Dustin

Image 7 of Scott and Dustin