Dustin and Sarah

How We Met

[February 6, 2015]

It was a Friday evening, C20 band rehearsal was about to start. I arrived early to set out chord charts for the band. Dustin arrived early, as well, to set up his bass. At some point I had walked up to and handed him his chord chart, we locked eyes. And then Dustin made a weird face at me. Nothing else happened . . . not just yet.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sholom Park

Later that night after C20 was over, we met again, at PDQ. We were talking and Dustin would be making awkward looks at me. I thought he was a little weird but as we were talking to each other and sitting together and we realized had something in common, our love for the Trivia Crack app. This is how our friendship started. We also realized that we had a mutual friend, named Jacob. After a few weeks of playing against each other in the app, we ended up exchanging phone numbers and began texting.

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[May 27, 2017] Dustin and I planned for a friend to do a photoshoot for us. The reason as to why we were doing the photo shoot was that Corey, the friend, needed “practice” and we were his models. I was very excited and had no idea what the day entailed. We all arrived at Sholom Park and started taking pictures by the bridges, and trails. We went on to the other side of the park and went to the ivy-covered gazebo by Pergebo trail. We were standing in the middle of it, and I jokingly said to Dustin that it would be really funny if he went down on one knee right there. He made a face and laughed. He then asked Corey to get his ‘wide-angled lens’ to get a shot of something he had in mind. Dustin told me to just stay in the middle of the gazebo, and that he was going to go put his phone down. Well, that’s what I thought he was doing… Little did I know, he was actually getting the ring out of Corey’s camera bag. Dustin came back to me and held my hand, while he was holding a black box in the other hand. I was very confused on what was happening, saying things like, “what are you doing?” “whats in the box?” Then he went down on one knee and said, “Sarah, I love you. There’s no one else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. Will you marry me?” As I was smiling, I kept saying, “are you joking?” My head was still in a fog of confusion on what was really happening. Finally, a few seconds later, I happily said “YES!!”

Dustin and Sarah's Engagement in Sholom Park

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