Duncan and Elzet

Duncan and Elzet's Engagement in In a forest

How We Met

Duncan & I first laid eyes on each other when we were only 8 years old. Ever since then we were lovers. Only at that age, it’s a bit different, I saw him every Sunday at church and it was just waving or smiling and that enough to count as your boyfriend, although he did ask me out one day. We were at the year-end function of the church when he came to me & asks me will you be my girlfriend. I immediately said yes and swam away, we never even talked that day again. But I know he was my boyfriend!

We started growing up as years went by we lost contact. Never saw each other again. We finished high school and started the adult life now. Only that one day I decided to go out with my friend (cause I never do) little did I know she was a friend of him. I saw Duncan & thought oh wow that’s actually him, as we walked past the greet each other and I was just standing there realizing he isn’t recognizing me. I told her hey I knew that guy we dated when we were little. She saw him walking by and grab him on the arm shouting hey you know this girl and then we met again. We started going in coffee dates and sooner that I know we were inseparable & dating again.. although we never even broke up!

How They Asked

Almost a year & half later I planned our first photoshoot together.. nothing fancy! Asked my sister will she take a few photos for us. It was just a normal Sunday. As the photoshoot gets to an end she said no one more photo & and it was getting on my nerves cause I don’t want it to turn into an awkward situation. And just after that Duncan said to me you need to stand over there. I saw him going down and for an instance, I thought are we laying down or what and then I realized this is happening…

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