Duane and Shantelle

Image 1 of Shantelle and Duane

how we met

We first met eyes at an event years ago and for me, sparks flew instantly. I saw her in the room and I thought she was beautiful. I didn’t get a chance to get her number, but the very next day I bumped into her again outside of a restaurant and knew it had to be fate. I could not believe that I ran into her again, so I said to myself, I have to speak to her.

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She was walking with her friends and I stopped her in the middle of the street and told her I thought she was absolutely beautiful and asked if I could take her to dinner. Fast-forward a couple of weeks to our first date which ended up lasting eight hours. I knew then she was the woman of my dreams. It was something that I have never experienced before.

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how they asked

He proposed in the most perfect way. To know us is to know that your bond was solidified years ago when we both vowed to quit our unfulfilling corporate jobs to pursue our respective passions in fashion and entertainment. It was only fitting that Duane contacted Essence Magazine to assist with the proposal. He recorded a video in front of the Unisphere Globe in Flushing Meadow Park and asked for my hand in marriage so we can conquer the world together.

Image 4 of Shantelle and Duane

He then had one of my favorite singers Bilal record a video dedicated to us singing one of my favorite songs. Essence ran the story for the world to see. It was amazing.

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