He Got a Drone to Capture His Entire Proposal

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How We Met

Trey and I went to college together, but weren’t close friends. We lived in the same dorm freshman year and must have walked past one another hundreds of times, but we never connected.

It wasn’t until he made an impromptu visit to New York that we spent time together. Being the savvy man that he is, he Facebook messaged me asking to join him and his frat bros for an all you can eat sushi and sake dinner… Romantic. I remembered him being quite a looker from our toga party days, and obliged.

In the taxi on my way to dinner, my contact ripped – So I essentially had one working eye for the entire evening. Trey attributes my impaired vision to why we hit it off. It’s not true, I’m near sighted and could see him the whole night. I wondered how the heck I let this one slip by me back in the day.

We sat across from each other and everyone else at the dinner said it was like he and I were alone on a date. I even texted my best friend from the bathroom telling her about my newfound love.

After that night, I took off for a long weekend with some girlfriends and he stayed in the city – We continued flirting like middle schoolers via text until he asked if we could go out to dinner (without bros) on Monday night when I got home.

I went on my first proper date with him, wearing 2 contacts, and my crush level exploded into Stage 5 mode. This was two years ago, and we have spoken every day since.

After 1 year, he moved from San Francisco to NY and we became roomies along with my dog, Cody, who Trey has since adopted as his own.

how they asked

Now to the good part: Ever since our cohabitation, I have been dying to go to this Italian restaurant, Marea, in New York City. One morning he told me that he made a reservation at Marea for date night, so I had to be home early from work on Thursday – I was ecstatic. I dreamt of tortellini for a week.

Thursday arrived and we got dressed up for our fancy date – but first, we had to take Cody out for a walk. Our apartment overlooks the Hudson River and we love to take Cody on “pier walks” – So naturally, on our romantic lovey date night, we started off toward the pier.

On our walk, I was coming up with all of the pasta/sauce combinations I could think of and daydreaming of garlic bread. I also went off on a passionate tangent about how I think Uber commuter is a really economical way for me to get to work, and I became very confused as to why my tech nerd boyfriend was not saying an entire word to me about my app analysis. He actually didn’t say a word to me the entire walk.

We got to the end of the pier and I couldn’t wait to turn around and get my food! Until Trey looked at me with his cute little perfect blue eyes and said, “Do you know how much I love you?” and pulled out a box – At which point, I blacked out.

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In all honesty, I don’t have the slightest clue what else he said. I had to ask him if he got down on one knee. I vaguely remember a buzzing above my head and thought a spaceship was abducting us, but it was just a drone capturing everything from above.

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The next thing I knew, our family and friends were walking down the pier. I cried, and screamed, and peed my pants a little. I had never felt such elation in my life. I had never been more shocked. I had never actually been speechless.

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I asked Trey what everyone was going to do while he and I went to Marea – at which point I realized, there were never any carbs coming my way. Trey told his Mom he had to come up with a way for me to not be in pajamas by 7PM on a Thursday night – Hence, Marea.

The rest of the night was a blur of champagne and hugs and tears followed by a weekend of celebrations with the best family and friends a girl could ask for. I am still convinced that I am the luckiest person in the whole world, even though I have yet to go to Marea.

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And that is how my happily ever after began :-)

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