Country Music Artist Drew Baldridge Proposes to His Girlfriend, Katie, in Aruba!

how we met

We met 6 years ago a college bar in Macomb, IL. We became friends that night and stayed connected for the next 2 years. She was living in Illinois and I was living in Nashville. In May of 2016 she called me and said she was moving to Nashville for a job opportunity and I said we should get together. We had dinner the first night she moved here and have been together ever since.

how they asked

In the fall of last year I was out on the road touring with my buddies LoCash (Preston Brust and Chris Lucas). We were all out eating lunch one day and Chris was talking about his wife and how he had told her “Before You” baby I was a little crazy. I immediately looked at him and said we need to write that. That same day we went into the venue and wrote the song. I went home that next week and changed some lines up to make it more about my now fiancé. In the following months I realized that she and I had a trip coming up together in Paris. At this time we’ve been together for 3 and a half years so I thought it was the perfect time to propose. I called and booked the photographer with a plan set to propose in front of the Eiffel Tower. I also went in and wrote a bridge for our song “Before You” to talk about proposing in Paris. I thought it would be a special gift to give her a song about our engagement in Paris. Then 3 days before we were suppose to leave for our Paris trip it canceled due to the Coronavirus. I was running around frantically to find a new location since I had to change the song lyrics to take out the words Paris and would have to put in something else.

The day before we left we decided on Aruba because that was the location of our first ever vacation together (3yrs ago.)

That same day I had to run to the studio behind her back and change the words to “an Island”. It was so hard lying to her all the time on where I was going and what I was doing. We got to Aruba on Sunday and my plan was to propose on Tuesday to give me a day to coordinate photographers and location. We woke up Monday to find out Aruba had closed its borders and they were no longer allowing anyone to fly in. Immediately we thought we were going to have to leave on Tuesday.

Monday Morning came and I had to set everything up to propose in the matter of hours. I got a photographer and location without her knowing anything about it. I Told Katie we were going down to the beach to meet some friends that we met In Aruba for dinner at 6pm. We got to the beach and walked to the water. Our friends were standing there and I asked them to take a photo of us by the ocean since we didn’t have one yet. In that moment we walked to the edge of the water, I hit my knee. I told her that I talked to her dad + told him that I wanted to take care of his daughter for the rest of my life. She’s the one I want to have my babies + Live every step of this life with. She started crying and I was crying. It was worth every minute of stress and craziness when she said yes. Once we got done and were taking engagement pictures, there was a couple standing under a tree behind us. They yelled out to us “Congratulations! We got married under this tree 20 years ago and today is our anniversary. It was really special to watch you guys get engaged right in front of us.” It made us tear up again. God had a plan and this was the way it was supposed to happen.

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