Drew and Victoria

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Florence, Italy

How We Met

Drew and I met during our sophomore year of high school. We instantly had a connection and spent all of our time together. He would pick me up for school every day and take me home. We had all of our classes together, ran for homecoming king and queen, and graduated with the same exact GPA. It wasn’t until our high school graduation that my mom was looking through old yearbooks and she found a picture of my second-grade class. Guess who was standing right next to each other with ear to ear grins in the class photo? Drew and me, without ever remembering each other! From the discovery of that photo, we knew we were meant to be. After high school, we went to Florida State University together and loved every second of it. He played on the baseball team, making it to many playoff games and championships. I was able to cheer him on every step of the way as I was working in the press box keeping score and attending away games.

Drew's Proposal in Florence, Italy

How They Asked

During the summer in my junior year of college, I studied communications abroad in Florence, Italy. Drew’s baseball season is during the summer so he was never able to visit me. I had such an amazing time, but I always knew there was one piece missing. I wanted to share this experience of a lifetime with Drew. This past summer he told me he wanted to take me back to Florence, so I could show him everything I loved about the city. Our first night there I wanted to show him my favorite place to watch the sunset.

It was upon a hilltop overlooking the city. The sun was setting so everything was painted beautiful hues of purple and pink. After talking for a few minutes about all the places we wanted to visit below, I turned around to kiss him and he was down on one knee. He told me he how much he loved me and he wanted to spend the rest of his life together with me. Drew asked me to marry him and I immediately said yes! We quickly asked tourists near us to take a few photos before the sun set fully. It was an absolutely wonderful day and Drew gave me the most perfect proposal I could have ever dreamed of.