Drew and Michael

Image 1 of Drew and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met in the Fall of 2014 at a Florida Georgia Line concert in Northern California. I was there with some friends, and had gone back for another drink with a girlfriend at one of the bars toward the back of the venue. As we were standing in line, I noticed a very cute guy standing a few lines over and coerced him into buying me a beer (in exchange for my number!). As he lived in The Bay and I lived in LA, I didn’t think anything would happen — but he was so persistent with texts and a Facebook friend request that I eventually responded and three weeks later, he came down to LA with a friend and we have been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

Michael and I were planning on spending about 15 days in Italy during November to celebrate our three year dating anniversary. Little to my knowledge, he had been in cahoots with my parents (since June!), his parents, and our jeweler so everyone – except me! – knew that Michael was also planning to propose on this trip! We were traveling through Rome, Tuscany/Florence, and throughout Southern Italy – truly the trip of a lifetime! While we were in Positano, we had gone for a walk and picked stuff up for a picnic on the beach. We were enjoying each other’s company, the STUNNING views, and the delicious food/wine that only Italy can offer, when Michael asked a man walking by to take our photo. As he was taking our photos, Michael started to kiss my cheek for a very long time (turns out, he couldn’t get the ring box out of his back pocket), and as I turned to tell him to “stop it – this aggressive cheek kiss was making everyone uncomfortable,” I saw him on his knee!!!! He had the most beautiful diamond ring (that we had actually gone and tried on back in September), and asked me to marry him! It was the most breathtaking and special moment of my life. We then got to celebrate with both our families via FaceTime (thank you, modern technology!) and spent the remaining few days of our trip dreaming and thinking about our lives together – I truly am the luckiest girl in the world, and I cannot wait to marry him!

Image 2 of Drew and Michael