Meagan and Drew

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How We Met

Growing up going to high schools near each other, Drew and I had always know about one another but never officially hung out together until after we graduated. About three years ago, one of my best friends and I were out shopping when her boyfriend called and asked her to go to lunch. Well of course since I was with her I had to tag along. When we got to the restaurant, Drew just so happened to be there with my friend’s boyfriend, and that was our first unofficial double date! After that day of eating lunch together, Drew and I didn’t speak again until about a year later, but since then we have been inseparable!

how they asked

Drew and I were celebrating a late Valentine’s date the weekend after Valentine’s Day because Drew had to work that day and we just figured it would be best to do it on a weekend. Little did I know what all he actually had planned for that “date”. Leading up to the weekend, one of my best friends made me go on a girls shopping day with her so she could find a new outfit and get her nails done for her own Valentine’s date, but in reality she was just making sure all of that was done for me! When Saturday came around, Drew and I had plans to have dinner at The Half Shell (kind of a Valentine’s tradition), and then he said he had plans for us for after but would not tell me what it was. Late that afternoon we finally started getting ready for our date and headed out the door.

While at dinner he got a text from a friend of his that is building a barn to host weddings and other events. We have been continuously going to the barn to see the progress of it, so when she text him saying that they had finished putting all the lights up and that we could come by and see it I thought nothing of it. On the way to the barn after dinner, I noticed Drew was constantly biting his nails (which he has a bad habit of doing when he is nervous) and he was being quiet the whole time. Looking back at it, I should’ve known something was up! Once we got to the barn it was completely dark and there were no other cars there.

I kind of hesitated getting out of the Jeep, because I thought we would wait on his friend to get there since it is her place. He convinced me that he knew how to turn the lights on, so even being slightly creeped out by the darkness I decided to get out. He said that the light switch was at the back of the barn, so we had to walk through the whole thing in the dark. Once we got to about the middle he told me to hang on…then all of a sudden all the lights came on and music started playing.

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As soon as I heard the music playing I instantly knew what was going on. I honestly don’t even remember a word Drew said to me besides him getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. Of course I said YES!

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After all of that, he said to stay right there because he had one more thing. He walked away behind a wall and came out with the most perfect little golden doodle puppy! I could not believe my eyes. He was the cutest little ball of fur!

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Even after all of that, the surprises were far from over! Drew walked me over to the open window and there were tons of fireworks going off across the pond! It was perfect! Once all of it had finally started to settle in, we hopped back in the Jeep to head to his house.

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When we got to his house, I was the first one in the door and to my surprise both of our parents were sitting on the couches! Then one by one people started pouring in the back door until the entire house was filled with all of our friends and family!

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