Drew and Cori's Big Sur Proposal

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How We Met: Drew and I met on an online dating site (match.com) so not the most romantic ‘how we met’ story but to me, finding someone as perfect as him felt like I won the lottery! I always made fun of dating sites and thought my chances of finding someone on there were the same chances of finding a needle in a haystack! I went on many dates with guys that just didn’t have enough of what i was looking for. I was a single mom at the time and just graduated from college and was looking to find someone to share my life with, that was compatible with my lifestyle raising a child so young. I couldn’t believe I found Drew because he literally is my other half! He is daddy to our 8 year old Jaelene and we have also added a new little addition to the family, our now 1 year old Audrey-he proposed exactly one year later on our daughter’s 1st birthday (April 7th).

This last year has been so incredibly fulfilling growing as a family and Drew and I always knew we wanted to get married, from literally the first few months of dating we just knew. Crazy I know! But, financially it just hasn’t been in our cards. For months I told him I don’t need a fancy ring or proposal I just want to marry you! Little did I know, something I thought I had years to wait for, was being planned already!

how they asked: He coordinated with my good photographer friend Chloe Moore to create the most romantic surprise proposal.

I had been planning a family vacation for us in San Fran for a couple months . Drew (my now finance) got called to a job in Santa Barbara so he was no longer able to go with us and I was super bummed finding out that it would be just me and the girls (and a friend of ours who we were carpooling with) but I know it is the nature of his work , (contracting job n all ) so I didn’t think anything of it.

Chloe (my friend photographer) contacted me the week before I was traveling on family vacation to ask if I could be a second shooter with her for an elopment in Big Sur, CA. I ecstatically said yes because I was already coincidently traveling that direction and well, who wouldn’t want to shoot an elopement in Big Sur AND better yet who would turn down the opportunity to assist a talented artist such as Chloe!

I met up with Chloe the day arriving in Big Sur, we chatted over lunch about the “elopement” and where we wanted to scout locations. She told me this couple were close friends of hers and they were super played back, and that they just wanted mainly portraits overlooking the beautiful Big Sur. We headed to location scout together chatting away . She and I took a few veers while driving and ended up at a spot called “Partington Cove”. It was incredibly beautiful and honestly I kept thinking “what a lucky gal! I would love to get married here!”

After discovering this was the location we wanted to use, Chloe and I headed to meet the couple there later on. Somehow Chloe convinced me to throw on a white dress I had in my suitcase, so she could “test her light “ and we could “snap a few shots of each other”. I felt silly shooting in this lacy white dress (usually I am in my comfiest pair of yoga pants +a racerback) but just went with it! We pulled up to the location, I began walking down the dirt path with Chloe getting kind of far ahead. I finally make it to the bottom of the trail, wondering where she went and why she left me.

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There he was, standing at the end of this bridge that crosses over the creek, with the biggest sweet grin on his face – waiting for me with his hands nervously in his pocket . I was in shock to see him, I mean he was suppose to be in Santa Barbara working! Behind him stands our two girls (age 8 yr & 1 yr), the oldest holding the GoPro trying to capture the moment too (though you’d laugh if you saw the footage later, let’s just say our shoes and the ground is her version of capturing mommy & daddy’s “proposal”) . He gets down on one knee, and instantly we both begin to rub the tears from our eyes. He says to me “You are the love of my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” I hugged him so tight for so long that he had to gently push me off of him to get the ring on my finger! I was burying my head in his chest and on his shoulder crying. I of course said yes! From there our girls came running into our arms and in that moment, it was like time froze. Everything I ever wanted, my whole world, was right there in that moment.

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Photography by Chloe Moore