Drew and Allison

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How We Met

Drew and I met when he was 2 and I was 3 at my Grandma’s Daycare. We attended different elementary schools, but came back together during high school. Due to his parents divorce he ended up moving and we rode the same bus, it was because of this that we became so close. We always had a solid friendship and most days it felt like there could be more. He would be dating someone but I would not be and I’d realize how much I liked him. Then I would be dating someone and he would not be and he would realize how much he liked me. This went on for four years, back and forth. He told me on several different occasions that he knew we were meant to be, just not right now. Thankfully he was right.

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I had a lot of growing as a person to do and he had a lot of maturing to do in order for our relationship to ever work. We needed that time to build a stronger foundation of friendship. It all changed one day when I went over to his house for a family birthday party. We were both dating other people at that time, but something shifted that day and we both knew it. That night we each (without the other knowing) broke up with our significant other. He called me and told me how he really felt all these years to which I replied, I know and that I felt the same way. We’ve been together ever since (6 years of dating, 10 years of friendship), because there is nothing better than being in love with your best friend.

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how they asked

I have a bad habit of being a tad controlling. So within the last year and a half I’ve been bugging Drew about when he was going to propose and how he was going to do it (or more so how he should do it). On this past Christmas he surprised me with a trip to Disney World. I (and everyone else we knew) thought for sure that’s when he was going to propose. About three weeks before we were to leave for our trip we had planned to go to his dad’s for dinner. He suggested we stop at his grandparents house first to visit them. He claims he left something in the barn from the day before and lures me into the barn with him by telling me he wanted to show me where his cousin fell through the floor.

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I happily go along with it until he opens up the door to reveal the most perfect proposal setting I could’ve ever imagined. Hay bales were strung with lights and covered with pictures of us (from our very first when we were 2 & 3 to our most recent) along with bride and groom Mickey ears and my favorite wine. He finally gets down on one knee and asks the words I’ve been waiting almost 10 years to hear and I respond with “It’s so pretty” (obviously referring to the ring)! He finally pulls a yes out of me and we’ve been planning our next adventure ever since!

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Special Thanks

Courtney Smith
 | Photographer