Drea and Seth


How We Met

I never thought I’d meet my future husband when I was a dorky 13 year old with braces. We went to the same church and I always thought he was dreamy. But I thought he was way too cool for me. Fast forward a few years and we had always stayed friends and finally got the chance to date and are now so excited and grateful to be getting married.

how they asked

A good friend of mine asked if we could model for her and it fell through a few times and we were finally able to reschedule and it just happened to be on the morning of my birthday. I didn’t know but Seth combined with her and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to ask me to marry him. Because I had planned everything with her and he had never even met her, I never in a million years thought he would do it then. During the shoot she had me turn around facing the water at the lake saying she wanted some singles of just me, then when I turned back around he was getting down on his knee and I couldn’t contain my excitement. It was the perfect birthday and the happiest surprise.










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