Drea and Michael

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We are both avid hikers, campers, and outdoor lovers. Seeing Everest and trekking in the Himalayas are things that people dream about, but never do. For adventurers like us, doing this was top priority. I surprised Michael with a trip to Nepal back in September for this 30th birthday, which was on January 8th. What better way to spend New Years and Michaels’ birthday, but in the Himalayas? We began planning and everything was set in place, but as usual, things don’t always go as planned.

We’re at the gate of the airport, ticket in hand, and luggage checked-in. All of a sudden, a man stops Michael and asks him to come with him. We’re were both confused. We soon learned that Nepal requires 6 months validity from the time you arrive. Michael’s passport was expiring a few days after we were supposed to return from Nepal, which prevented him from coming with me.

We get separated and we do the 30+ hours of traveling by ourselves alone. Michael gets an expedited passport and he is a day behind me. We reunited after a very stressful 3 days. Why this is all important? He included this in his proposal.

We begin our difficult trek. After 4 days of hiking, we finally get to the view of Everest at Tengboche Monastery, Michael surprised me with a beautiful proposal.

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It was perfect.

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