Dr. Bal and Dr. Ramandeep

Dr Bal's Proposal in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

How We Met

Raman & I met through mutual friends – him being from the big smoke – London & me from a small village Solihull. Every weekend since the day we have met we have seen each other & it has bee magical… with roses, laughter and selfies – we’ve loved every moment & still can’t get enough of each other!!

Dr Bal and Dr Ramandeep's Engagement in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Where to Propose in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

How They Asked

Ramandeep had taken me on a surprise holiday for my birthday.. with my female intuitions I thought we were going to France… I was so wrong! He took me to Italy and he had everything planned to perfection. We arrived at an authentic hotel in Sorrento with a view of the Gulf of Naples from our balcony. On the day of my birthday, he ordered breakfast in bed, arranged a pick up from the hotel to a boat to Capri.

We explored the island, including the Faraglioni rocks followed by a traditional Italian lunch admiring the view of the Mediterranian sea. We explored the gardens of Augustus & with such beauty around me, I thought that was going to be the moment. However, he had organized a private boat trip to Positano. We had a stunning motorboat with a brown interior and a large sunbathing area at the front.

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Our skipper was lovely, and the boat was all for us two privately… I was super surprised! It took us to Positano, when we got off we explored the island. He rented us two deckchairs and I thought I would go a dip my feet in the ocean when he turns to me and say, I’ve got you another birthday present. I see a long box wrapped in happy birthday wrapping.. inside revealed a glass bottle with sand in and a message rolled up.

He had handwritten me a poem of 9 paragraphs – ending with “will you be my wife?” And then he got down on one knee, on the beach in Positano with the beautiful scenery of the cliff edges and the ocean! I felt like I was dreaming as tears rolled down my face! Everyone on the beach was cheering and clapping, I just had to kiss Raman & tears of joy kept rolling down my face… The boat journey back, he had organized champagne on the boat, a cake and snacks! We saw wild dolphins in the Mediterranean sea & I felt like this moment was so surreal, magical and perfect. I can’t wait to marry my perfect man! Fairy tales really do come true!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy