Doug and Michele

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how we met

Doug and I went to high school together and had many mutual friends, but never talked. Fast forwarding until after college, my college roommates came to visit me and go out to a local bar for my birthday. While at the bar, Doug’s friend (who was also celebrating his birthday) approached my friend and I. While we were hanging out talking, Doug walked up and introduced himself and reminded me who he was and that we went to high school together. The rest of the night we spent talking. A week later Doug took me out on a date and I knew I met a man unlike any other. From picking me up, and opening the car door, to how easily the conversation flowed, I knew I had to see him again. From that date on, we’ve been inseparable; talking everyday and seeing each other as much as possible.

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how they asked

About 8 months before we got engaged, Doug suggested we go look at rings so he has an idea what I like. Even though I knew that was a futuristic idea, we went. We found one style I liked but I didn’t find any I loved. Little did I know, Doug was able to gather a grasp of what I liked from that day and went and ordered a custom ring with everything I wanted in it. Months later, a local photographer, Custom By Nicole Photography, was offering a contest to win a free photo shoot of your dog. Since my dog is like my son I entered to try and win. I told Doug about it and every day checked to see if I won. Unfortunately I did not. About a month later, Doug calls me and said “I know how badly you wanted that photo shoot with Bernie (my dog), so I called Custom By Nicole and set it up. We are going tomorrow night.” I was very excited that I would be able to get photographs with my pup (and a little annoyed Doug spent all this money since we were in the middle of building a house lol). The next day Doug met me at my house and we headed to the photo shoot. Once we arrived and Nicole got set up we started taking some photographs of Doug, Bernie and I as a family. About 20 minutes into the shoot, Doug told me he would be right back and that he bought Bernie an outfit for the shoot. While he was gone Nicole kept taking pictures of me and after a few minutes she told me to turn around and look at Bernies outfit.

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When I turned around Doug and Bernie were on their knees with a ring and a sign around Bernie’s neck saying “will you?” Doug asked me to marry him and put the ring on my finger. It was the absolute sweetest and perfect moment. Everyone that knows me knows how much I love my dog, so for Doug to include him meant everything to me. After the proposal Doug had another surprise.

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He went on my Pinterest and saw a sign I always wanted that’s said “my humans are getting married” and he got one for Bernie. We continued with an engagement shoot with Nicole to capture the moment. Little did I know, he asked both of my parents permission beforehand and when we got home my mom had champagne waiting for us.

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The next day Doug said lets go out for dinner to celebrate just you and I. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were escorted to the back of the restaurant and I was surprised once again with both our families and closest friends there to celebrate with us (that Doug apparently set up with my parents beforehand). Those two days are two days I will never forget and I appreciate and love how much thought and effort Doug put into making that moment perfect.

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