Doug and Kevin

how we met

We met in Boston near the end of undergrad through OKCupid. Our first date was in Harvard Square where we sat and talked for hours.

how they asked

Lol, so the first planned proposal did not pan out. It had been decided for a while that Doug would initiate the proposal, that we would each have rings to give the other, and propose to each other at the same time. Originally, Doug planned a beautiful Sunday picnic complete with champagne, cheese, crackers, and the photographer. Unfortunately, when we went to pick up the rings the day before, Doug’s ring was completely wrong (we had our rings customized from the retailer but the design was way off). So instead of ending a nice picnic with an engagement, we just had a nice picnic. This turned out to be a relief, since we were in a public park on a warm Easter Sunday, and it was overcrowded. Eventually, the rings were corrected and Doug came up with an even better (and private) proposal. The bulk of our relationship was built in the same apartment in Baltimore and one afternoon, Doug placed a note on the kitchen table for Kevin. Even though it took Kevin a while to figure out what was happening, he eventually read the last line of the note and Doug got on one knee. After Kevin said yes, Doug reached into his other pocket to give Kevin the ring to give to him. Kevin then got on one knee and proposed to Doug. We both said yes, cried a lot, composed ourselves and told our family before sharing the news widely.

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Baltimore- Federal Hill
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