Dottie and Jesse

How We Met

Dottie and I met in high school. We had mutual friends, one whom I had a crush on at the time, and we met when a group of us were all going to the movies. A few years passed and we met again, more officially, when she transferred to Huntington Beach High School which is where I was attending at the time.

how they asked

After making the move to San Diego from Huntington Beach while dating, the ocean has been a consistent theme in our relationship. With our love for nature, I knew I would propose somewhere outdoors that encompassed some of our favorite adventures. We kept coming back to a dock on the San Diego Harbor that was both memorable throughout our journey and a place of rest in the midst busy seasons of life. I asked Dottie to marry me by telling her we were going out to dinner for an early Valentine’s Day dinner. In reality, I had a feeling she knew it was coming but she played along. Near the restaurant is one of Dottie’s favorite places in San Diego which is a dock in America’s Cup Harbor. With the help of two of my roommates, I had candles lighting the path down to where I had flowers and a blanket set up near the end of the dock.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Shelter Island, San Diego Harbor

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Shelter Island, San Diego Harbor

We walked out to the spot, knelt down on one knee, told her how much I loved her, and asked her to marry me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Shelter Island, San Diego Harbor

Dottie's Proposal in Shelter Island, San Diego Harbor

Where to Propose in Shelter Island, San Diego Harbor

Dottie and Jesse's Engagement in Shelter Island, San Diego Harbor

Proposal Ideas Shelter Island, San Diego Harbor

Our photographer was hiding under a blanket in a nearby rowboat and captured it all on camera while my roommates came running down the dock to celebrate with us. We took photos as the sun set over the Point Loma peninsula and took Dottie to one more surprise, an engagement party with all of our closest friends at family at my house.

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