Dorothy and Markeef

How We Met

He spotted me when I first arrived at Jazz in the Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But he wanted to wait for a sign. He said, ‘If I see her again, I’m going to speak to her’. As Jazz in the Park came to a close for the evening on July 30th, he saw me in the cross walk with a couple work gal pals; he strolled over to introduce himself. We spent our first date at Bradford Beach looking at the blue moon.

And of course, those only come around once in a great while…just like my soul mate…the man I believe God created just for me. On August 22nd, while my best friend and most classy gal pal JCC was in town, he made it official. He asked me to be his girlfriend. And I happily agreed!

how they asked

A normal Thursday night that would change my life. As I approach the park I saw a light shining oh so bright. Then came a stare as she caught my sight For a moment I thought this is what heaven must be like.

Before I could approach she disappeared into the thickness of the crowd, I looked up and said god pleased let me meet her and I’m forever endowed. The whole night I searched but she I could not find, after a while I was starting to think this was a waste of time. As the night slowly came to an end , a broken heart was on the horizon once again.

As I proceeded to my car there she stands ask and you shall receive is one of god’s command. As I gather my thoughts on what shall I say I figured I’d start out simple and ask how was your day. Great she replied now get out my face. Appears she had lost interest right away, Until I said parle vous francais. Oh you speak French she replied, Oui Tue es tres belle as I stared deep into her eyes. A normal day for some but on this Thursday night is the day I met my wife.

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