Dorothee and Nicholas

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How We Met

Not like the majority of the millennials, Nicholas and I didn’t meet through online dating app. We were set up by our only mutual friend at the time. (so old-school, I know right?) We first met at Charles Bar in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. It was kinda like love at first sight. We didn’t wait too long to declare “exclusivity”.

And a few months later, Nicholas flew across the entire Pacific Ocean to visit my family in Asia! Our family took him out drinking at a karaoke bar. Obviously he got really drunk, and naturally he proposed to me as he was heavily intoxicated. There, that was his first proposal LOL.

how they asked

His actual/formal proposal was also awkward LOL.

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My mother is visiting us from Asia. So Nicholas planned a last minute trip during the July long weekend to take me and my mum on a mini-road trip down to Portland. That Sunday was misty and cold, but he insisted on going to Cannon Beach (I was little suspicious of his intention…) After we arrived, the clouds started to come in and soon enough covered the entire sun. I was trying not to let the weather bother me so didn’t notice how nervous Nicholas was behaving. All of a sudden, he grabbed both of my arms, and started talking to me. He was slurring and mumbling a lot. By the time I realized what he was doing, he was already on one knee with a ring! As every other girl would react at that point, I burst into happy tears. But that probably embarrassed him (I guess) so he quickly put the ring on me and got up – trying to wrap things up. It all happened so unexpectedly and so fast, I don’t even remember if I ever said “I do”… But now, we are happily engaged!

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