Doris and Aaron's Waterfall Proposal

How We Met: Aaron and I met when a friend brought him over for a dinner party I was hosting!

waterfall proposal

how they asked: Last week Aaron told me that we would be taking a trip on Friday. I assumed we were going for a picnic because he asked what kind of sandwich I wanted. So, I arrived at his house that day, changed and we were off on an adventure. We arrived at Honey Run park at 7PM. There was a car there but I didn’t think too much of it, its a park!

There was a beautiful waterfall that reminded me of our first trip ever to Hocking Hills. We walked over the bridge and onto a rock near the fall. These “people” seemed to pay no attention to us and were taking pics of “plants”. While standing on the rock Aaron told me this would be a special place I would remember for a long time. Then down on one knee he went and asked me to marry him! Little did I know, those “people” taking plant pics, were the photographers to capture our special moment! Rebecca got some awesome pictures and after we did a mini engagement shoot! It was truly amazing, romantic, and one of the best evenings of my life! We are happily engaged and looking forward to forever together!!

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Photos by: ENV Photography