Dora and JP

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How We Met

We officially met in 6th grade band class… yes I said band class. I played the flute and JP was the cute blonde wrestler playing the saxophone behind me. We spent our middle school years flirting on field trips, sitting next to each other whenever we could, and occasionally planning movie dates. We had a middle school romance that lasted about six months (oh teenage romance). We rekindled our love story after a high school trip to Italy and the rest is history!

When the time came to go off to college, we went our separate ways. JP to The College of New Jersey and myself to Syracuse University in upstate New York. We promised to stay committed to one another and visit as much as possible. This did not last too long because we missed each other more than we could bare and before I knew it JP was submitting his application to join me at my beloved university. We got to spend three years together at Syracuse University, attending all basketball and football games, and even getting a chance to go to the Final Four on a 16 hour bus trip from Syracuse, NY to Atlanta, GA. After graduation, I went off to graduate school to pursue my master’s degree in School Psychology and JP went on to using his biomedical engineering degree to become a laser engineer. As I was finishing my degree and venturing off to my first job, JP was applying to various MBA programs and landed an acceptance to Rutger’s Business School in New Jersey. After wrapping up my first year in the “real world” I started to realize how far we have come as a couple and how excited I was at the prospect of being his wife (with a little bit of impatience).

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how they asked

JP had planned a trip to Syracuse for the weekend to see the Syracuse football team take on Central Michigan at the infamous Carrier Dome. It was like any other Syracuse weekends that we’ve done a million times in the past, filled with our typical stay at a local hotel on the “Carrier Circle” near the University, a walk around campus, and a trip to the main strip on campus to get some much needed Orange apparel. JP had a plan, he was going to get me to take a picture in front of the main building on campus called the Hall of Languages and guide me to the legendary kissing bench. Legend has it that if you kiss on the kissing bench you will one day marry. Minus a hiccup or two (the opposing team fans sitting on the bench, my contact falling out halfway to campus) and some convincing, he got me to the bench, had a stranger take our picture sitting on the bench, got down on one knee and surprised me by having my parents and best friend round the corner. My parents even had champagne and cups ready! I barely remember what he said or what I said back, all I remember is my hand shaking for at least thirty minutes post proposal.

We spent the next half hour taking pictures around campus and getting congratulated by hundreds of Syracuse fans walking to the stadium. JP even got us on the football field after the game and we got to take some pictures. The perfect ending to the day was a Syracuse win and dinner at our favorite BBQ restaurant!

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