Dora and David

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How We Met

David and I met at a recording session. I am on staff at a church in Houston, TX and we were asked to put together a small chorus to record background vocals for a Christian recording artist. He was in town visiting his family and actually interviewing for a job. If you ask us, neither really “noticed” each other… at least neither will admit to it ;-) We really connected about 5 months later. He moved to Houston on a true leap of faith and as we continued to hang out we quickly became best friends.

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We started talking on a daily basis that summer and then for Labor Day weekend, I went on a work trip to a conference in Orlando and we didn’t talk the whole week. I’m pretty sure I checked my phone every 15 minutes that whole week in hopes I’d hear from him. When we got home, he says that is when he realized he missed me and when I got back to Houston, he asked me out.

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how they asked

The day started with a sweet note from him, delivered by my mom at about 8:30am. It said that he wanted to ask me to go on an adventure that day and hoped I’d say “Yes!” He also told me to be ready because he’d pick me up at 12:45p. My best friend, Danielle came over an hour later and we went and got manicures and she helped me get ready. When he picked me up, the day was a total surprise to me but we headed to our first date location.

When we got to the restaurant, we sat at the same exact table and ordered the same thing we did that night. He had two presents at the table with us. The first was a large treasure box shaped like a suit case with the words, “You’re My Favorite” scribed inside the lid. That was what we said to each other before “I Love You.” He handed me a note that talked about what he realized about me on our first date. Then inside the second present, were trinkets/keepsakes from our relationship, and some even before we started dating. We had the sweetest time talking about what was actually happening inside our heads that first date. Then, we left and headed to another “undisclosed location.”

The second stop was to the promenade outside of the theatre where we saw our first movie together. There, he shared more keepsakes from our relationship. Each one had a special note attached to it, either sharing what the experience was or what he had realized about me and our relationship when it took place. We left there to the third stop where we had our DTR…

We’d shared a lot of special moments in the “church parking lot.” No not those moments, get your mind out of the gutter! The most beautiful thing about our relationship is our faith in Jesus Christ and our desire for purity for one another. We would stay and talk after church in the parking lot. We clearly remember the night we hugged goodbye and noticed that it was “different.” That is also where we decided that we wanted to pursue a relationship with one another, so he parked in the same spot and shared more special trinkets from our relationship. Then we headed downtown to a different theatre…

We LOVE musical theatre and we’ve been blessed by sweet friends with a chance to see a lot of shows together at the Hobby Center. We sat on the front bench and he pulled out Playbills from every show we’ve seen and even our first gala! It was Downton Abbey inspired… a mutual love of ours! After we left there, I finally asked, “so where are we headed next?” To which he replied, “Let’s just say, at our next location, we are going to make a new memory.”

We pull into a Houston favorite called Tiny Boxwood’s. By now, it’s dinner time and neither of us had every been there. Its a very cute/chic restaurant and their charcuterie board is to die for!!! (We like cheese!) I know him and our relationship well enough to know that he wouldn’t propose in a restaurant full of perfect strangers, so I assumed it wouldn’t happen there. What I didn’t know, until after the meal, was that the restaurant served as a nursery and that in the back of the restaurant was a gorgeous gazebo and garden. He asked if I’d go for a walk in the gardens with him…

As we entered the gazebo there are rose petals, candles and a playlist of our favorite songs. David gets down on one knee and shares the sweetest part of his heart with me and asks me to be his wife!

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I said, “of course!”

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We continued to dance and sing to one another in the gazebo.

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Then we headed to his house where 40 of our closest friends were there to celebrate with us over a crepes! Did I mention we’re foodies? The crepes were good, but the day was sweeter!

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