If You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring, Here's 5 Ways To Handle The Situation

The love of your life finally drops to their knee and asks you the question you’ve been waiting for. Of course you say yes but moments later, you realize the ring isn’t all you’d hoped it would be. Maybe it isn’t fitting to your personal style or maybe it’s not the dream engagement ring you’ve always pictured on your ring finger. Before you panic and think you’re a horrible person, this is more common than you would think. People just choose not to talk about it… For obvious reasons! Whether you’ve received an engagement ring that isn’t quite “you,” or you’re worried about this scenario happening to you in the future, today we’re sharing 5 ways to deal with receiving an engagement ring that you don’t like.

what to do if you don’t like your engagement ring

1. Sleep On It
Your immediate response might be disappointment, but give it a few days. Think about why you don’t like your engagement ring. Is it because of the stone shape? Or maybe it’s not the metal you’d hoped for? Regardless, your engagement ring might grow on you. It might be a style you would’ve never picked out for yourself, but after a few days of wearing it, you’ll be head-over-heels for it.

2. Ask Your Partner About The Ring
Approach your partner and ask them about the process and why they chose this specific ring for you. Was it the stone that made them think of your personality type? Or did the style immediately remind them of your personal-style? After listening to their responses, you might agree with them. After all, the sentimental reason they picked a specific ring for you can make all the difference.

3. Customize It
There’s no need to purchase a new engagement ring if you can make customizations to your new accessory. Whether it be a halo or a new band, these changes can almost always be made. If you’re worried that your partner is going to be upset about the changes, approach it in a sensitive way. Try phrasing the conversation as, “I absolutely love my engagement ring and I think it would look even more stunning with a halo (or whatever it may be). Let’s see if we can customize it together?”

4. Exchange It For Something Different
While this might be a hard topic to discuss with your partner, it’s not worth wearing such an expensive piece of jewelry if you don’t like it at all. Let your partner know that it isn’t what you pictured yourself wearing and suggest going to look at rings together. However you plan to approach it, make sure to include your partner in purchasing/designing a new engagement ring. After all, you want them to feel as comfortable in this scenario as possible.

5. Go Ring Shopping Together
If you’re not yet engaged and worried about this scenario happening to you, we suggest you and your partner go ring shopping together. (In fact, you can see the pros of ring shopping together, here!). While you don’t need to pick out the exact engagement ring you want, it’ll be good for your partner to know what metal you prefer and what stone shape you like. This way, you don’t need to worry. Your partner will be confident while purchasing the ring for you (and you won’t have to deal with uncomfortable conversations!).

If even you’re not sure what your dream engagement ring looks like, don’t worry! Take the quiz to find out which styles fit you best, here. Once you’ve received your results, share them with your partner. That way, an uncomfortable situation like this is less-likely to happen.

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