Donna and Jake

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How We Met

Jake and I met at a football tailgate at college, Northern Illinois University. Once we met, the sparks just flew EVERYWHERE. Love at first sight 100% exists! After graduation, Jake moved back to his hometown in Minnesota. A few months later, he made the big decision to move to Illinois so that he could pursue our relationship (I didn’t want to do long distance!) and the rest is history!

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How They Asked

Jake had the entire proposal planned 6 months in advance of it happening. He reached out to all my close friends and family in order to make sure everyone would be there to celebrate the day after. Friends from all over (NY, NV, TN) all flew in for that weekend! He also found and hired a photographer to stage the proposal and take pictures! The proposal happened on Friday, July 23, 2021, at Olive Park in Chicago! On that Friday, Jake had me convinced his friend and his girlfriend were in town in Chicago from NYC. We headed into the city from our home in the suburbs after work. We first started with drinks and apps at The Hampton Social. We then went to “meet his friend” at Cafe Olivia which is a restaurant next to Olive Park and on the lake. When we got there, Jake suggested we walk through Olive Park. When we walked into the park, Jake shared how happy he was with our life, the things we’ve accomplished together, how I make him a better person, etc. basically all the really lovey-dovey stuff that gives you MAJOR butterflies.

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We got to a part of the park that has the most stunning view of the city I had ever seen. I asked Jake to take a picture of me with the skyline. The photographer he hired came up during this time and offered to take a picture of us together. She then offered to take more pictures of us as “her client was running late”. We were totally up for modeling for her – little did I know she and jake had this all set up! At one point, she told us to stand back to back and to turn around on the count of 3 and give each other a bear hug.

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Well, when I turned around, Jake was down on one knee, teary-eyed and ring in hand! I of course said “yes yes yes!” and he then handed me a letter he had wrote to me since he was afraid he wouldn’t get to say what he wanted at the moment. Jake then ran back to the car (which was a mile and half away) because he had secretly brought a white dress that I had mentioned “I would love to get engaged in” haha! I did an outfit change and we took more photos. Afterward, we went to a steakhouse where his parents, my parents, and my grandma were waiting to celebrate with us! The next day on Saturday, Jake brought me to a rooftop where all of my close friends and family were waiting to surprise me! It was honestly the best weekend of my entire life!

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Special Thanks

Alana Lindenfeld
 | Photographer
Jeremy Nasifoglu
 | Jeweler