Donna and Dane

Donna and Dane's Engagement in Kercher’s Apple Orchard

How We Met

We first met in middle school! I remember him being in my math class and thinking, wow this is the cutest boy I’ve ever seen! Fast forward to high school, and I still was thinking the same thing. I had the biggest crush on him but could never find myself to muster up enough courage to ask him out. I always thought the guy should be the one to make the first move. Later on he told me he had the biggest crush on me too but was too shy to ask me out. So, here we were, two young kids that liked each other but couldn’t ever express it! Fast forward a few years, when Dane decided to send me a message through social media. He felt horrible for connecting with me through social media but wasn’t sure how else to reach out to me! We ended up going on a date a week later and hit it off instantly. And now here we are planning a wedding together.

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How They Asked

So my photographer friend, Jacquelyn of Jacquelyn Taylor Photography, had reached out to me to model for a fall photoshoot. We’ve worked together in the past for multiple photo shoots so I thought nothing of it. I arrived at Kercher’s Apple Orchard and as she led me down the rows of apple trees, we turned the corner and there was a whole setup…complete with a blanket, stringed lights, champagne etc. I still had NO idea what was about to happen. We begin the photoshoot and Jacque hands me a vintage camera and asks me to open it up and use it as a prop. I removed the camera out of the case and opened the viewfinder to read a note that said “Marry me?” I was shocked! I turned around and there he was. Walking towards me and got down on one knee to propose. It was the most magical day of my life!! Little did I know that Dane planned this entire photoshoot with Jacque and they did such an amazing job!

Donna's Proposal in Kercher’s Apple Orchard

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Special Thanks

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