Donia and Joey

Where to Propose in Connecticut

How We Met

Joey and I met online! POF (Plenty Of Fish) to be exact. He messaged me and we started chatting. I asked him what he did for work and he sent me 3 paragraphs to read. I was running out the door at the time and thought to myself “I’m not reading this” I got to my gfs place and I read the message out loud. All of us immediately thought HE’S AN ANGEL! He talked about his work with TBI patients. (Traumatic Brain Injury) and how important and fulfilling his job was.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Connecticut

I knew he was “The One” on the first date. I got home and told my Mom I met my husband when she asked how it went. Our first date was at the Maritime Aquarium in Connecticut. At one point we went for a walk outside by the river and saw 2 swans, a rainbow and he started singing Aerosmith. If that wasn’t enough, he started talking in a British accent so I followed along and did the same. In that moment of complete nerdiness, I KNEW he was who I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. It was like we had known each other forever and I could be myself completely.

Donia and Joey's Engagement in Connecticut

how they asked

We were together a year when I moved to Los Angeles for my career and he stayed in Connecticut. We had done a year long distance. At the end of that year, I had gone home to visit and we discussed what the plan would be going forward. He didn’t want to move to LA and I didn’t want to force him but we both knew we wanted to be together. After a long conversation about us trying to agree somewhere in the middle, he said “let’s go look at rings” We had done this before so I didn’t think anything of it. When we got to the jewelry store I tried on a few rings. The saleswoman said “so is this the one, are we going to get it?” Joey replied, well…that depends. I looked at him in shock cause I DID NOT expect him to propose right then. I said “Depends on what?” and he said, “Will you marry me?” The saleswoman’s jaw dropped and she was so giddy! Screaming “OMG!!”

Obviously, I said yes haha and a few days later he got down on one knee again in front of my Mom and nieces. He wanted to show my nieces what a good man looked like. Joey and I have the same beauty mark on our first finger in the same spot and thumb. He says it’s because we marked each other in our past lives so we could find each other in this one. Since then, we have quite the ride! We were featured on TLCs Premiere episode of a new show called “I Want That Wedding!” We’ve booked our venue and are getting married next year! Thank you for allowing us to share our story in the hopes of inspiring other that long distance CAN work there’s love out there for you too! <3